îlot La Boisselle Historical Site 1914-18

At the heart of the
battle of the Somme

The battlefield of the îlot is one of the best preserved portion of the First World War frontline. The surface and underground remnants provide vibrant testimony to the French, German and British soldiers who fought there.

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A few steps away from
the Lochnagar Crater

The battlefield of the îlot is opened to visitors by appointment only with Friends of the îlot of La Boisselle. Come and enjoy a unique experience with a privileged guide in the footsteps of the soldiers who lived and fought at the îlot.

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L'ilot et la Grande Mine

« It's hard to form an idea of what the îlot was like: hell, the soldiers would say; more down to earth: an indescribable chaos of stones, wood, bricks, all manner of objects… You had to crawl from place to place, but men lived there, fought there, clung there. »

Commandant Thomas, December 1914
11/4 French Engineer Company

Preserving heritage,
documenting history

A 50-year agreement was signed, on 14 December 2013, with the owners of the site to assist Friends of the îlot of La Boisselle in enhancing the remnants of the fronline and continuing a collective act of remembrance of the soldiers who died there.

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Visite guidée par les Amis de l'îlot

Entretien du site

Construire le bleuet géant pour le Tour de France

Le bleuet géant pour le Tour de France

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